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BRAND X RESEARCH – To stay as closely tuned to the female consumer as possible, BE Branded has solidified an exclusive partnership with Brand X Research – one of the very few research firms in the U.S. devoted specifically to researching women and their buying habits.



Women think, speak, and purchase differently. They don’t buy brands, they join them. They seek a relationship with products and companies and they are fiercely loyal. To attract and retain them as customers, you must listen to them. If you listen closely, they will always tell you what they are looking for.

Our goal is to have the best, deepest and most comprehensive understanding of the female demographic.

That’s why we work with Brand X Research. They LIVE in the woman’s world. They go directly to all the female consumer and ask them (nicely) what they want. They talk to them about your brands, your ads, your service and anything else you want to know. Brand X will dig and pry and ask the questions that decent people aren’t willing to ask. Then they’ll come back and tell us. And then we’ll tell you. Along with giving you some recommendations as to how we can deliver a message to them.

Brand X provides services crucial to developing effective brands and marketing campaigns directed at women including:

  • Complete consumer surveys
  • Ad and brand testing
  • Focus groups
  • Product development
  • Test marketing and concept testing

Here’s everything you need to know about the female consumer in 2-1/2 minutes.

Seriously? People have been studying the female consumer since the DAWN OF TIME and still don’t know
everything there is to know. But we ARE really good at it. And if you hire us, we’ll tell you everything we
know. Here’s some of it in a 2-1/2 minute slideshow: