Project examples for some of the global brands I’ve worked with

THE STORY: Sometimes you need a different perspective from those who can see you with fresh eyes as if for the first time. These are a few of the brands who asked me to do just that, reigniting the passion and love affair on why people love your brand in the first place.


People love Google, but they wanted to remind them there's even more to love about them. This campaign promotes other cool things “beyond search”.


Netflix is about entertainment, and what's more entertaining than reenacting your favorite movie? This social media campaign uses thumbs, the digit that controls most remotes, to help drive subscriptions and make their reenactment of a favorite movie.


Let's face it, most of us want to “live large”. McDonalds is encouraging this behavior through this campaign to upsize your order and live large.


Creating a video using cool brand assets is a lot of fun and sharable. This mobile app experience allows customers and the brand to co-create authentic UGC and share it with their social network. Coca-Cola also distributes them in their brand channels.


Delivering a bit of “daily inspiration” is at the heart of Starbucks’ brand and DNA. I created unique in-store, street marketing, and give-away campaigns that brought smiles and a bit of fun. 


Just because you’re industrial doesn’t mean you can’t convey some humanity. These projects let 3M’s customers know they understand some of the “insider” human challenges beyond just the technical specs.