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Significant events change the course of nations and the world. Everything from the global balance of power to individual lives is affected. Current global situations has altered personal lives, businesses, and governments – no more status quo.


A forest fire ravishes everything in its wake. As the destruction affects healthy trees and plant life, it also does the environment well by burning away dead brush and trees. Out of this chaos comes one of nature’s magical secrets – new species are allowed room to sprout, take root and grow. Species that would otherwise never have a chance to be born.


We would be wise to take this lesson and apply it to our lives and businesses. The pandemic forest fire has accelerated the demise of traditional business models, static “business school theories,” and doing things “the way we’ve always done it.”


Now what is thriving are a new species of business – DTC, social media influencers as marketers, and companies built on national and global talent.


New ways of business are changing as well – video conferencing as an acceptable medium for critical meetings, remote workforce, and company size as a measurement of effectiveness will be no longer be relevant.


History has shown that new ideas have taken root after every significant event and replaced the deadwood of the past. It is nature’s way of
allowing us to hit the restart button and remake
our world better.


The real opportunity lies in NOT rebuilding but reimagine what our businesses should be in this new world. This reset is a chance not to start over but to build something new, something more exciting, and something more valuable – no legacy issues to put a drag on progress. No traditional rules to say you can’t do something because past dogma is no longer relevant to a new world with new species.


All of us will be making things up as we go along. Testing, experimenting, changing will be a part of daily operations.


In the end, it’s the companies and individuals who have the courage, creativity, and execution capabilities that will become the species that will have the opportunity to shape and redefine the
new world.

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